Class IslandsEvoGUI

All Implemented Interfaces:
distrit.InteractiveTask,, distrit.Task

public class IslandsEvoGUI
extends java.lang.Object
implements distrit.InteractiveTask

The GUI that pops-up on the client. One such window will appear for each task processed by the client. This GUI will show on the left a graph with the client's neighbours and how fit they are. This information is painted by the ClientRecord object. On the top right it gives a description of the current run parameters and what is being evolved. At the bottom centre there is information on the current run progress and on the bottom right is the SpapshotPainter. The GUI is not necesary for the evolutionary process since it just polls it every so often and may be closed without jeopardizing evolution.

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Field Summary
 java.lang.String myName
Constructor Summary
IslandsEvoGUI(distrit.InteractiveTask evoTask)
          Creates new form MonicaClientGUI
IslandsEvoGUI(distrit.InteractiveTask evoTask, SnapshotPainter snapPainter)
          Creates new form MonicaClientGUI
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object get(java.lang.Object params)
          Used to get output from the task
 java.lang.Object run(java.lang.Object params)
          Totally customizable method
 void set(java.lang.Object paramsAndWhat)
          Used to send input to the task
 java.lang.String toString()
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Field Detail


public java.lang.String myName
Constructor Detail


public IslandsEvoGUI(distrit.InteractiveTask evoTask)
Creates new form MonicaClientGUI


public IslandsEvoGUI(distrit.InteractiveTask evoTask,
                     SnapshotPainter snapPainter)
Creates new form MonicaClientGUI
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object get(java.lang.Object params)
Used to get output from the task
Specified by:
get in interface distrit.InteractiveTask
params - can be null if this task doesn't need to know WHAT it has to output


public void set(java.lang.Object paramsAndWhat)
Used to send input to the task
Specified by:
set in interface distrit.InteractiveTask
this - could be anything, either a single object if the task knows what to do with it, or a packet with variable->value pairs..


public java.lang.Object run(java.lang.Object params)
                     throws java.lang.InterruptedException
Totally customizable method
Specified by:
run in interface distrit.Task
Following copied from interface: distrit.Task
params - Generic parameters to start the run method with. The implemented InteractiveTaskClient will always start the run method with a null parameter so any configuring of the task must be done previous to the run method being executed.
Final result of the run method. This could be the solution to a problem for example.


public java.lang.String toString()
toString in class java.lang.Object