Package islandev

Interface Summary
EvolutionaryInteractiveTask You must implement this interface with your own evolutionary application to plug it into the Island Based Coevolution model.
Individual An individual in the evolving population must be able to provide a fitness and other properties (which could be null in particular applications).
SnapshotPainter A snapshot painter is capable of providing a graphical version of something related to the current evolutionary process, such as a diagram of the current elite individual.

Class Summary
ClientGrid 2D grid containing client (island) records.
ClientRecord A client record holds information about the client's current state such as its best individual, its id (position in the grid) its current generations, next migrating individual, etc...
ClientRecordForm This code is used to create the getPanel method in the ClientRecord object.
EmptySnapshotPainter Paints an empty panel, always.
IslandsEvoGUI The GUI that pops-up on the client.
IslandsEvoGUIForm Form used to create IslandsEvoGUI.
IslandsEvolutionServer Server that can be used with any GA application to make it distributed via the Island based Coevolution model.
IslandsJDBC This class allows the interaction between the Islands Server and a MySQL database.