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IslandEv - Island Based Coevolution across the Internet

Welcome to the home of IslandEv, a free Java package to distribute an artificial evolutionary process across the internet in an island based coevolutionary model. Each host in this model holds an island with an evolving population located on a 2D grid with individuals migrating between these islands.

IslandEv is capable of distributing any evolutionary process package written in Java. You can start distributing your evolutionary process by simply implementing a couple of interfaces provided by IslandEv. In the case that the evolutionary process is JaGa this has already been done for you. Read more about how to get started with IslandEv.

Visit the Sourceforge project here.

Startup Guide

Get walked through the first steps of using IslandEv by the Getting Started Guide.

Download the Source

For using IslandEv you'll first need to download the latest version of the source of DistrIT which you'll find at the DistrIT Files Section.

Then download the latest source release for DebugLib and IslandEv from the IslandEv Files Section. Source code is daily kept up to date in the IslandEv CVS Repository.

Browse the Documentation API

The Documentation API for IslandEv v1.0.

To Do List and Requests

The current To Do list is checked in the CVS repository. Requests can be sent by contacting the project administrator by email or in the Open Discussion Forum. Project Developers can add requests to the To Do list directly.


To become a developer for this project please email the project administrator.